How to Pay a ticket

So you got a ticket (citation), Bummer! So what's next?  We will provide an example of a citation  below, to better understand. 
1. Determine that the citation is with the City of Fayetteville Police Department. Our Citations look like the one pictured. 
Be sure it is not with  (A.) A state trooper, (B.) A county Deputy or for another Department.  * There is a black bar to the right of the page that says officer. If possible, read who wrote the citation. 

2. Look at the bottom of the citation. Verify when you have court.  Check the date , time and location. A city officer can write a ticket for city court ( Located at the Police Department) or for the Lincoln County Court House  (located in the center of the town square).  When calling to check on a ticket you have received, please provide the name located on the ticket and the ticket # (located at the top right of the ticket).  All city court dates will be held at the police department on either a Monday or Thursday at 1:00 p.m. * If you are still confused when your court date and/or time is, please contact 931-438-7771. 

3. The center of the ticket includes what you are being charged with. 

4. If you have already gone to court and been issued a continue to pay or decided you would rather pay the citation than go to court you can do so in several ways:  (There is also an easy and convenient tab on our website)
                                 -Mail: (check/money order) address to the Fayetteville Police Department, 225 College Street East, Fayetteville Tn. 37334. Include name and citation number (top right hand side of the ticket). Make payments to “City of Fayetteville”
                                 -Phone: 877-793-7965
                                -In person- Address above- Monday- Friday 7:30a.m- 4:00 p.m. (excluding Holidays. If a holiday falls on a Sunday we will be closed the following Monday).

* Please allow several days for a payment sent through the mail or online to arrive and be processed.
* If you decide not to pay a ticket you will be sent in to the State of Tennessee Department of Safety as a failure to appear or failure to pay. Please don't let a speeding ticket cost you your driving freedom.