Currently, we are updating our photos of officers.  We have four shifts and one Sergeant assigned per each shift, including one Sgt. SRO. The Lieutenant, Johnny Simmons, is directly over all Sergeants.  During the summer our School Resource Officers also work a swing shift on the road. 
braa - Copy (2) Lt. Johnny Simmons 
SGT. SRO- Scotty Vaughn
SGT. Alpha Shift- Billy Brazier 
SGT. Bravo Shift- Tracy Luna 
SGT. Charlie Shift- Mark Browning 
SGT. Delta Shift- Doug Allen 

doug with hatlafevers with hatmaynard with hatshirley with hat
Sgt. Doug Allen                                             Patrolman Jason Lafevers                  Patrolman Nathan Maynard            Patrolman Brandon Shirley