FPD K9 Unit

Our K-9 unit consists of 2 dual-purpose canines. Both dogs are certified through USPCA in Narcotics detection, Criminal Apprehension, Tracking, and Evidence Recovery. Our K-9 teams provide support not just to our local departments, but will respond to requests for K-9 support to other requesting agencies.

The Fayetteville Police Department currently has two officers assigned to our K9 unit: Officer Rodriguez (K-9 Rhev) and Officer Miller (K-9 Omen).
The duties of the K9 officers are:

Perform criminal interdiction, narcotics searches, criminal apprehension, tracking  and high risk warrant service to assist local and outside agencies. 

 Attend community related events, such as school and club functions to inform the public  about the K9 unit and demonstrate the abilities of the K9.

Attend weekly training sessions and yearly certification and continued education to better serve the citizens of Fayetteville.

The K9 officer is responsible for the daily care of the K9 and responsible for all records pertaining to training, health and patrol activites.

andy and rhev                                              K-9 Officer Rodriguez and his K-9 Rhev at "trials" June 2021, proving they have what it takes!
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 k9 retiringK-9, Nate, upon retiring.  omen ready K-9 Omen, ready for action!
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