Planning and Codes Department

The Planning and Codes Dept. exists to provide a safe and attractive community for the residents and visitors alike of Fayetteville, by facilitating the development of a well designed, efficient, healthy and safely built environment. This enhances community identity, while working to maintain the traditional past and promoting sustainable development. We work to evaluate our policies and make necessary changes to keep current with larger communities while we strive to maintain a harmonic balance of the traditional past and the ever-growing future.

Among other things, our primary purpose for such regulations is to promote the well-being of the community by establishing standards that assure Fayetteville's community is a safe, healthful, and attractive environment, while safeguarding the rights of the people.

Although, we are considered a small town, we strive to offer professional service in:

  • An active Planning Commission
  • An active Utility Committee Review Team
  • An active Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Building Regulations and Enforcement 
Our staff stays in the technology mainstream to continuously expand our knowledge and provide better service to our citizens, as well as those who wish to grow along with the City of Fayetteville.