Fayetteville Lincoln Co Emergency Communication District

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The Emergency Communications Department (911 Center) serves every citizen of Fayetteville and Lincoln County. Almost any call for service in Fayetteville Lincoln County Tennessee begins and ends with the Emergency Communications Department. The Communications Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The old saying “We never close” was invented for this Department. Twelve dedicated Communications Officers and a Director along with an assistant Director serve our City and County citizens in many important ways every minute of every day.The 911 also has a GIS mapping department to serve Lincoln County. Almost any call for the service of a public safety agency in Lincoln County is made to and dispatched from the Communications Department. Daily operations of the Department are from the 911 building on Jay street that is owned and maintained by the Lincoln County Emergency Communications District (911 Board). The Communications Department serves the Fayetteville Fire and Police Departments, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency, Lincoln County Volunteer Fire Department, Lincoln Medical Center Emergency Medical Service, Petersburg Police Department, Fayetteville Public Utilities, and Tennessee Highway Patrol. 

The Communications Officers take calls from citizens with a problem and relay information to the appropriate agencies. The Communications Officers are responsible for answering 4 regular and three 911 phone lines, twelve radio channels, monitoring alerts from the National Weather Service and the National Crime Information Computers all of the time.  A database of public safety agencies, public safety responders and local businesses is maintained on our Computer Aided Dispatch System. Over 49,000 incidents were logged in our CAD system by the close of 2016.

A final note from the Communications Department. 

  • 911 calls should be made only in emergency situations.
  • The phone number (931) 433-4522 should be used for non-emergency calls.
  • Law Enforcement Officers will be dispatched on all 911 “hang up” calls.  If you are programming telephones, please call the non-emergency number to let us know that you might accidentally call 911.