TN Whiskey Trail Stops

Fayetteville Pritchards Dist.-28
Just outside of town lie two stops on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and one big story of the world’s most famous whiskey. Fayetteville has two small batch distilleries, Prichard’s and Southern Pride, each with their own proprietary ingredients and distilling processes. Both offer tours and tastings of whiskey, moonshine and other premium spirits. Prichard’s, located in a historic schoolhouse employs a unique family distilling process that goes back five generations. Situated on a pastoral farm, Southern Pride Distillery crafts their whiskey entirely out of spring water and locally grown corn using the famous Lincoln County process.

Tennessee whiskey is unlike any other whiskey in the world. In fact, it has its own patented process for creating the famous spirit called the Lincoln County Process. The Lincoln County Process was created by the creators of Jack Daniels. It refers to the use of sugar maple charcoal to filter and mellow new-make whiskey before aging it in a barrel, making Tennessee whiskey unique. Without it, a whiskey cannot be called a Tennessee whiskey.

Prichard’s Distillery
See how the legacy of a “legal” Tennessee whiskey recipe has been passed down through 5 generations of the Prichard family. Whiskey, moonshine, rum and vodka all bottled up in early American-style hand-blown glass. Free tours and tastings in the tasting room. 

Southern Pride Distillery
Experience a copper pot-distilled whiskey tradition using Great Grandmother’s recipe she kept hidden in her Bible. Locally-grown corn is milled on site and water for distilling is sourced from the distillery’s own natural spring. Whiskies and moonshine. Tours and tastings. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery
See where it all began and its only 17 miles from Fayetteville. Learn how the legendary Tennessee charcoal-mellowed whiskey has been made for more than 150 years. Daily tours and tastings, gift shop and take-home bottles and barrels. 

Tennessee Whiskey Trail
There are over 25 distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and two of them are right here in Lincoln County. For more information on how to plan your trip and a trail map visit.

Fayetteville Pritchards Dist.-42 Fayetteville Pritchards Dist.-136 Fayetteville Southern Pride Dist-172 Fayetteville Southern Pride Dist-134