Famous Slawburger

Fayetteville Honey's-154

Spend time roaming the historic downtown square, and at some point, you’ll be tempted to sample a Fayetteville institution, the world-famous Slawburger.

What is a Slawburger you may ask? Years ago, Lee McAlister’s great-grandfather had the brilliant idea of putting his mustard-based slaw on top of his grilled hamburgers, and the rest is history. The slaw adds a sweet and sour flavor that is definitely unique. In fact, once a year it is celebrated at the annual Slawburger Festival

Today, you can grab this signature Fayetteville burger at a number of restaurants. Where can you find the best Slawburger? Well, that can be a nice debate. One thing is for sure, they are found only in Fayetteville.

Slawburger Stops

Honey’s Restaurant
Home of the original ‘Pool Room Slawburger’ since 1923.
109 Market Street East

Ken’s Fast Foods
Serving “Ken’s Famous Slawburger”
505 College Street West

Market Street Grill
101 Market Street East

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