Spring/Summer Property Maintenance Reminders

The Elk Valley Times
Spring 2021 Article

City of Fayetteville Property Maintenance Reminders for Spring/ Summer Season

Spring is here and things are beginning to look new and green again. Grass is growing and flowers and trees are starting to bloom. What a beautiful time it is here in the City of Fayetteville, TN.  Mother Nature blesses us with all of this beauty however, it takes lots of  effort on our part as City residents and property owners to contribute and maintain this beauty.

The City of Fayetteville Municipal Code highlights some of the areas that pertain to Property Maintenance. The City’s Property Maintenance Codes have been in place for years and are regularly being enforced inside the City limits. The Planning and Codes Department is working diligently to enforce the Codes as they pertain to Grass, Trash, Debris, Junk, Inoperable Vehicles, and Signage. Friendly reminders are sent as a first attempt of enforcement to correct the violations. After no acknowledgement of the Friendly reminder, a more, strict means of enforcement or Court Summons will be taken to correct the violations. This is all a matter of taking pride, ownership, and responsibility in your property.

Listed below are some of the Property Maintenance Regulations, Codes, etc. as they pertain to grass, trash, debris, and inoperable vehicles:

*ALL residential, commercial, and/or business properties should abide by the 8” (8 inch) rule as it applies to grass, weeds, growth on your property.

*Cropped or hay fields- everything from the right-of-way to the field (cropped area) is the responsibility of the owner, and grass and/or weeds should not exceed 8” (8 inches) in height.

*Lots not used for cropping are supposed to be cut or bush-hogged at least 3 times per year. This applies to keeping the ENTIRE lot cut and maintained BELOW THE 8” RULE.

*Hedges grown out over city streets, allies, or sidewalks should be trimmed and maintained to ensure safety of motorists and pedestrians.

*Overgrown lots also apply to overgrowth of shrubbery and/or vegetation and not solely to grass alone.


*Items such as trash, garbage, toys, tools, paper of every description, automobile parts, indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances, ashes, tin or aluminum cans, glass or plastic containers, boxes, mattresses, firewood not neatly stacked, yard maintenance items, and discarded materials of any kind to accumulate on their property including front, back, and side yards or porches for a period of more than 7 days. You can also call the City of Fayetteville Public Works Department at (931)433-2486 to schedule curbside pickup of discarded materials.

*Building materials including bricks, lumber, concrete blocks, sand, and gravel shall not be permitted to accumulate in such areas for more than 30 days.

*The accumulation and storage of one (1) or more Inoperative vehicles and parts, therefore on private property shall constitute debris and a nuisance detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City.

*Signs are not to be placed on any public properties or in any right-of-way. Permits are required for most types of signage excluding real estate signs. Directional signs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED for any type of signs. Signs are also NOT allowed on utility poles, fence posts, trees, or any other traffic signs. Yard Sale signs are not allowed in right of ways or any other off premise locations of the actual address of the sale itself. These signs are also to be removed after the Yard Sale is completed.  Please call the City of Fayetteville Planning and Codes Department for any permits or clarification of the allowed signage usage in any residential or commercial districts to avoid any enforcement or violations.

This is all about having a safe and attractive community for residents, property owners, and visitors. We want safe places for our children and grandchildren to play. The Municipal Code and the Property Maintenance Regulations are set forth to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens and residents of the City of Fayetteville.  If everyone will take pride and care for their properties, we can all accomplish these goals. Please be proactive!! Do your part and we can all enjoy living in a beautiful, attractive, and safe community.

All of the Property Maintenance Regulations, Sign Ordinance, or City of Fayetteville Municipal Code can be found on the City of Fayetteville website @ fayettevilletn.com.

If you ever have questions regarding any of these Regulations or Codes, please contact me, Lenace Hyde, Property Maintenance Inspector, at the City of Fayetteville at lvaughn@fayettevilletn.com or by phone at (931)433-2565. I welcome your questions and calls.   Happy Spring!!!