Fayetteville Board & Committee Schedule

Board of Public Utilities 

3 Years- Appointment of Alderman does not require Board Approval (Section 9 (b) (4): all other members appointed by Mayor and approved by Alderman. Mayor will serve as ex-officio member. Meets 4th Wednesday , 8 a.m. FPU Building.

Representative Term Expires
Jeff Alder Two Years
Debbie Woodward July 1,2023
William Hurd July 1,2021
Paul Richardson July 1,2023
Russ Dixon July 1, 2021
Glen Oldham July 1, 2022
Amy Harwell July 1, 2022
Mayor Michael Whisenant Terms of the Mayor

City School Board Members 

All members elected. The alderman appointed as ex-officio Members by Board of Mayor and Alderman(Title 2, Chapter 1). Meets 1st Monday 5 p.m. Municipal Building.

Representative Term Expires
Jennifer Watt Murdock 2022
Jeff Whitmore,Chairman 2022
Sarah Raby 2020
Tommy Holland 2020
Joyce Eady 2020
Mark Clark 2022
Danny Bryant Two Years

Fayetteville Housing Authority Commission

5 years (Appointed by Mayor per State law Meets 1st Thursday, 4 p.m., Housing Authority Office

Representative Term Expires
William McKin Jan 1,2025
Jarrett Hancox Jan 1,2021
Charles Cannon Jan 1,2022
Joyce Eady Jan 1,2023
Thomas Holland Jan 1,2024

Municipal Planning Commission

5 years- Mayor shall serve and one (1) alderman Selected by the governing body (Board of Mayor and Alderman); other appointees shall be made by Mayor without Alderman approval (Title 14, 14-101). Meets 4th Tuesday, 5 p.m., Municipal Building.

Representative Term Expires
Lindsey Galyen Aug 1,2021
Dr. Mike Harry Aug 1,2020
Daniel Eldridge Aug 1,2022
Rovena Wade Aug 1,2023
Craig Carmichael Aug. 1,2024
Dorothy Small Two Years
Mayor Michael Whisenant Term Of Mayor
Randall Griner Utility Rep.

Chamber of Commerce 

2 year term - nominated by Mayor and approved by Board.  Meets 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

Representative Term Limit
Jeff Alder Two Years

Board of Zoning Appeals

3 Years Appointed by Mayor and approved by alderman(Section 14-806 of Zoning Ordinance ). Meets 4th Friday, 10 a.m., Municipal Building, as needed.

Representative Term Expires
Joe Smith Nov 1,2020
Jim Neale Nov 1,2022
Pat Haynes Nov 1,2021

Board of Appeals

5 Years terms- Appointed by Mayor and approved by Alderman. Meets as needed.

Representative Term Expires
Danny Shelton July 1,2023
  July 1,2024
Kevin Hammons July 1,2020
Dean Bevels July 1,2021
Vince Kerns July 1,2022

TV Cable Committee

Meets as needed

Representative Term Expires
Tonya Allen Two Years
Roger Martinez Two Years

Joint Industrial Board

6 years term -Selected by Industrial Coordinating Committee and approved by Board of Mayor Alderman - (per Plan of Organization of Joint Ind. Dev. - July 6, 1989) Meets 3rd Monday, 7:00 a.m., IDB Office

Representative Term Expires
William Thomas July 1,2025
Michael Dempsey July 1,2022
Russ Dixon July 1,2025
Rick Head July 1,2025
Eric Reynolds July 1,2023
Bonnie Hereford July 1,2021
Jack Marsh July 1,2021

Fayetteville Housing Corporation

Members appointee by Board of Mayor and Alderman (Title 20, Chapter 20-203) (Doesn't meet).

  • Dick Farrar, Jr.
  • J.B. Rambo, Jr.
  • Thomas O. Bagley
  • Bob Ashby

Motlow College Advisory Committee

  • Mayor Michael Whisenant

Beverage Board

Members shall be Mayor and Two (2) alderman appointed by mayor (Title 8, Chapter 2, 8-202). Meets 1st Tuesday, 4:15 p.m., Municipal Building, only if needed.

  • Mayor Michael Whisenant
  • Dorothy Small
  • Donna Hartman

Industrial Oversight Committee
Meets when needed.

  • Roger Martinez
  • Jeff Alder
  • Dorothy Small
  • Doug Cunningham
  • Ronald Jean
  • Steve Graham

Law Enforcement Block Grant Committee 

  • Richard Howell
  • Mike McCown
  • Billy Joe Evans
  • Gail Corder
  • Lucy Carter
Public Works Committee

Meets Monday before Work Session at 9:00 a.m.

  • Dorothy Small - 2 year term
  • Danny Bryant - 2 year term

Police & Fire Committee

Meets every Monday before Work Session at 7:30am

  • Roger Martinez - 2 year term
  • Tonya Allen - 2 year term

Main Street Board

Meets 3rd Monday at 5:30 p.m.

  • Donna Hartman
Fayetteville-Lincoln County Public Library Board

Meets 2nd Monday at 5:00 p.m. at the Library

Representative Term Expires
Shawnta Fulton - Chair  July 1, 2020
Leslie Copeland - Treasurer  June 19, 2021
Anna Catherine Osteen  July 1, 2020
Rachael Martinez  December 10, 2021
Alex Boyce   June 2019
Shirley Dangerfield   June 30, 2020
Trina Quick  June 19, 2021
Vicky Hamilton - Regional Library Board   June 1, 2019

Fayetteville- Lincoln Co. Regional Authority

5 Year term. Two (2) city representatives on the City. No direction given as to the selection; therefore the best method appointed by Mayor and approved by Alderman. The fifth member is chosen by the four (4) members on the Committee.

Representative District Term Expires
Ron Mahal City Sept.30,2020
Dan Holt City Sept.30,2020
Jack Towry County Sept.30,2020
Walt Shurden County Sept.30,2020
Brian Carter Joint Sept.30, 2020


Finance and Audit Committee

Meets every 1st Tuesday of the month 4:30 p.m.

  • Jeff Alder
  • Danny Bryant
  • Michael Whisenant
Sunquist Advisory Board

  • Joel Jacobson
IT and Planning Committee

Two year terms. Meets First Tuesday at 3:10pm

  • Tonya Allen
  • Donna Hartman
Parks & Recreation Committee

Two year terms. Meets First Tuesday at 7:30am

  • Tonya Allen
  • Roger Martinez