Sanitation Department

The City of Fayetteville offers curbside collection of garbage, yard waste, and leaves. Scheduled routes offer collection of garbage and yard waste on a weekly basis. However, collection of construction debris is not offered through regular residential services. A map in the section shows your scheduled collection days. Leaf collection is done seasonally with service times based upon demand. All of this is possible with the latest in waste disposal equipment and sanitation services.


There is also a recycling center located at 705 South Main. The center is jointly funded by Keep Fayetteville Lincoln County Beautiful, City of Fayetteville, and Lincoln County. We encourage you to get involved in the local recycling effort. Garbage containers must not exceed 32 gallons in size and have two handles. These containers are made available to residents at the manufacturer's cost to the city. They may exceed the size limitation because there is a connection that allows our trucks to automatically lift the container. These containers are very durable, hold 90 gallons, and are available for $80. They may be purchased at the Municipal Building.

Sanitation Schedule Map