Bicycle Patrol

It is our belief that by incorporating mobility, visibility, interaction, and proactive law enforcement techniques, a bicycle patrol officer can positively affect the everyday workings of a police department and its impact on the community.

The Fayetteville Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit consists of one sergeant and four bike patrol officers.

The unit is responsible for patrol during school related events and events hosted by the City Of Fayetteville on our town square. The bike patrol officers can be assigned to patrol our business district, housing area, neighborhoods and other areas where access by a patrol vehicle may not be possible.  The unit hosts bicycle safety events, conducts traffic control, provides assistance to pedestrians and enforces laws related to bicycle safety.

All bicycle patrol officers must pass a 40 hour police mountain bike training course which consists of written exams, demonstrating proficiency on the bike in crowded areas, on wet roadways, off road riding demonstration, performing bike maintenance and roadside repair, criminal apprehension and other specific areas.