IT Strategic Plan 2018

StratRoadMaps300The Information technology is pleased to present the IT Strategic Roadmap 
for fiscal year 2017-2018.

The IT Department will be moving the email from the existing Exchange 2007 Server into a cloud-based Office 365 for Microsoft Exchange services. This will be a cost saving to the city with not having to manage a email server in house.  Plus, all the software and security will be up to date with patches and most current version of Microsoft Exchange.

The City of Fayetteville will be rolling out Windows 10 Professional to all in house users desktop. Windows 10 Professional has a better performance and better security build into the operation system This will leave the city less vulnerable for attacks from the outside world .

All departments should be updated to the new version of Windows 10 by July 2018. Windows 10 Professional is now being tested in the in house Lab environment.
The city is now on a new VoIP phone system throughout all departments. This allows for a more efficient way for the citizens to communicate to all departments when calling into the main office .