Public Map Gallery

The City of Fayetteville has curated several maps to serve as a hub of information for our citizens to better help our community. Whether it's finding out where the closet city park is, or finding out the zoning information for a specific parcel, the GIS mapping services continues to grow and curate new maps throughout the year.

Local Map Guide
2.Local Map Guide
The Local Map Guide provides a map to our downtown businesses, along with vital tourism and recreational information, including hours of operation, addresses, and contact information. You can explore our city as we add more information to it here.

Government Services Map
3.Government Services
The Government Services Map provides information on finding the closest appropriate municipal and county services. You can enter your address and search within a specific radius to find out who you need to contact here.

Citizen Reporter App
4.Reporter App
The Citizen Reporter App is a collection app that allows citizens to report issues in our community from their computer, tablet, or phone. Reports will be channeled to the appropriate department, and citizens will be able to check on the status of their report through the app. The Citizen Reporter App is available from the home page or through the link here

Sanitation Collection Schedule
5.Sanitation Schedule
The interactive Sanitation Collection Schedule map allows citizens to find out their appropriate days for sanitation pickup. Sanitation pickup includes trash pickup, tree limb removal, street sweeping, large refuse removal, and leaf and grass clipping removal. You can check out the map here or contact our Public Works department for more information.