Fire Equipment & Vehicles

Engine 1 - 2017 Toyne Spartan Metrostar Custom Pumper
Engine 1 is a 2017 Toyne Custom Pumper that sports a 1000 gallon water tank and a Waterous 1500 gpm pump. This Engine features a mid-ship crosswalk pump and services the citizens of Fayetteville out of Station 1 at 300 Market Street.

Engine 2 - 2007 E-One Cyclone II Custom Pumper
Engine 2 is a 2007 E-One Custom Cyclone II-X Pumper, with a Hale Class 1 Foam Logix Foam Proportioning System along with its Hale QMAX 1500 gpm pump. Engine 2 has a Detroit Series 60 engine that makes 515 h.p. It also has 1000 gallons of water, on board, to serve the cities industrial areas out of Station 2 on Thornton Taylor Parkway.

Engine 3 - 1998 Pierce Commercial Freightliner Pumper
Engine 3 is a 1998 Pierce Freightliner Commercial Cab Pumper, with a Waterous 1500 gpm pump. Engine 3 holds 1000 gallons of water and seats five firefighters. E-3 serves out of Station 2 on Thornton Taylor Parkway.

Engine 4 - 2022 KME Pumper

Engine 4 is a 2022 KME Pumper, has 1000 gallon water tank, a 2000 GPM Waterous pump. It  has various tools and equipment which includes a set of Amkus Rescue tools. Engine 4 is currently station on the by-pass at Station 2.

Ladder 1 - 2006 E-One 75' Side Stacker Quint
The City of Fayetteville has in service, an E-ONE HP-75 Quint with a side stacker aerial ladder. The cab seats seven firefighters to respond for emergencies. It is powered by a Detroit Series 60, 12.7 liter, turbo charged, 445 horsepower engine. The transmission is an Allison electronic five speed automatic. The HP is equipped with a Hale Q-MAX 1500 gpm pump with a 1000 gpm Akron electrically controlled monitor at the tip of the ladder. The 75 foot ladder is high strength all-aluminum and can be operated from the pump panel or the turntable. The ladder can be fully functional and ready to work within 60 seconds.


Fayetteville Fire Department HazMat Response Trailer

Rescue 6 - E-One Heavy Duty Walk Around Rescue
The truck and equipment were purchased with Homeland Security Funds to be used by cities and counties in the Sixth Homeland Security Region. This area includes Rutherford, Bedford, Marshall, Moore, Lincoln, Franklin, and Coffee counties. The truck is equipped with extrication equipment, saws, shoring equipment, lifting equipment, and other small tools that can be used in collapsed buildings or confined space rescue. Other equipment includes generators, telescoping lights, and portable lights for nighttime rescue operations. It houses an air compressor to refill SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) used by emergency personnel. 

The City of Fayetteville was fortunate to be given the opportunity to house and maintain this vehicle at one of our stations. If any other city or county has a disaster which requires the use of the vehicle, we will deliver it and provide assistance if requested.

301 - 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe - Chief Command Vehicle
302 - 2018 Chevrolet 2500 - Hazmat 
303 - 2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer - Assistant Chief Command Vehicle


Fayetteville Mini Fire Truck:
The mini fire truck is a model of the department’s actual truck with working lights and siren. Construction of the truck was a community-wide effort with a major contribution from a local industry. It features a fiber-glass frame built around a riding lawn mower chassis. The truck is used to give school-aged children rides as part of the department’s fire prevention program.
Special thanks to Carole Graves and Tennessee Town and City for allowing the use of this text from their publication.