Bright Lights

Peace on Earth photo
Bright Lights And Festive Nights In Stone Bridge Park.

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department.

Bright Lights & Festive Nights In Stone Bridge Park

We've inviting our community's local business and individuals to share in the holiday spirit and welcome our
Host Visitor's to Stone Bridge Park and ushering in Christmas thought out the Holiday season.

Are you willing to adopt and decorate a whimsical tree. with twinkling lights?

  • 24 maximum available spaces
  • Trees to be furnish by the Recreation Department at a cost of $100.00
  • Decorate to your specifications. LED lights only . NO solar lights.
  • A sign acknowledging your sponsorship will be furnished.
  • Decorating to be completed by Nov 30th. Start date -Nov 23rd.

Fayetteville Recreation Department operates under the supervision of the City of Fayetteville and promotes a variety of 
activities and events in recreation and parks Fayetteville and Lincoln County citizens